Solo Arts Heal

Solo Arts Heal LogoWe’re proud to be founding members of the theatre/solo show collective, Solo Arts Heal!

What Is Solo Arts Heal?
Solo Arts Heal is a collective of independent solo show artists whose performances – theatre and music – are united by a common theme of healing—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Performances are developed to work in settings from theaters, to medical centers, to community nonprofits and other healing environments.

Solo Arts Heal is a theater of resilience. A vision born from artists’ inspiring true stories that celebrate overcoming adversity and becoming health advocates. Solo performers present real-life stories, transformative experiences for audiences. Performance and ‘informance’ on health and wellness-related issues. Education and inspiration for empowerment and advocacy. Artists also may provide talkbacks with audiences or forums and workshops and educational outreach about a variety of health issues.

Solo Arts Heal embraces the healing power of the arts.

Please consider booking Solo Arts Heal shows at your venue. For a full listing of shows, topics, and actors, please visit Solo Arts Heal.